Fire Pro Series


Biometric Large Fireproof Safe with Electronic Combination Lock and Alarm

35 cm x 48 cm x 44.6 cm
13.78 x 18.9" x 17.56"

Protection Level:

Ideal for:

Home Office Business

Model Description

The ExecutiveSafe Model ES035, is a small size fireproof safe box in the fire pro series safes category. This safe vault is made out of steel and fireproof material featuring strong heavy duty hinges, locking bars and oversized locking bolts surpassing industry standards. This vault safe comes with an ergonomic handle with build in fingerprint scanner providing top notch security and at the same time very easy and fast access to the vault safe. The electronic digital combination lock with the lock out function is very easy to use and operate. This strong fire proof safe box is equipped with an intelligent dual alarm system. The adjustable and removable shelf in the vault helps to organize and protect valuables within the safe, such as passports, jewelry, birth certificates and cash money. This vault safe has an interior LED Lighting. It can be used as a home safe, office safe, floor or wall safe, or a hand gun safe. This intelligent safe is easy to use and operate. Blends in well with home or office furniture. This smart safety strong box makes the best gift for any occasion that will last a lifetime. They will love it and actually use it!


Fire Protection

Verified Fire Protection Guaranteed

for up to 927° C / 1700° F for 60 minutes (1 Hour), Interior temperature of the safe remains below 177° C / 350°F.

Security Protection

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Build-in to the L-shape Handle

Can register up to 100 fingerprints. Offers the ultimate security

Electronic Combination Lock

Easily programmable 3-8 digit combination

Lockout Function

After 5 consecutive wrong combination/fingerprint entries the safe does not allow additional combination entries for 3.5 minutes

Alarm Function

Alarm is activated after 5 consecutive wrong combination/fingerprint entries or when the Safe is vibrated during burglary attempt

Seamless Body Design, Solid Steel Construction, Pry Resistant Door and Body

Offering durable and reliable security protection

Heavy Duty Hinges

For extra security

Locking Bolts – 75% Bigger than Traditional Safes

Three Large 1-Way Live locking bolts adding strength to the door

Locking Bars

Two Large Locking bars at the hinge side of the door adding more security

Bolt Down Hardware (Included)

Predrilled hole at the bottom - For extra security bolt the safe to the floor

Organizational Features

One Adjustable Shelf

Interior Features

Bright LED Lighting

Reset Button with Protective Cover

Located in the battery compartment to easily program/reset the safe


Uses 4 AA batteries (Included)

Exterior Features

LCD Display

for status monitoring

Emergency Override Key Lock

Used when batteries run out or when the combination is forgotten

Auxiliary Battery Pak (Included)

To be used when the batteries run out

Durable Powder Coat Finish

Black Color Exterior


Exterior Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth*)
35 cm x 48 cm x 44.6 cm
13.78 x 18.9" x 17.56"


* Depth does not include the 4.5cm/1.5" keypad/external hinge
and/or handle depth to the door

Interior Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
20.9 cm x 33.9 cm x 29.5 cm
8.23" x 13.35" x 11.65"


20.9 L / 0.74 CBF

Net Weight

50 Kgs / 110.23 Lbs
(Average Product Weight)

Gross Weight

51 Kgs / 112.44 Lbs
(Average product weight with packaging)

Specifications are subject to change without any further notice

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