Depository Series


Depository Safe with Advanced Electronic Combination Lock

68.6 cm x 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm
27" x 13.9" x 13.9"

Protection Level:

Ideal for:

Home Office Business

Model Description

The Executive Safe Model DS686, is a depository safe or drop slot safe in the Depository series safes category. A depository safe is a short-term or long-term cash protection system used by businesses and organizations to protect deposits from theft. Also known as a drop safe or drop box, the safe includes a hopper. A large security safe with solid steel construction and pry resistant door laser cut, featuring a smart digital combination lock with an override key lock, a lock out and audit trail functions. The oversized bolts of the safe provide extra security. The Carpeted interior floor protects valuables from scratching and the bolt down hardware are included and provide additional security The hardened steel plate protects the safe from drill attacks and the independed relocking device provides additional security from vandals. Easy to use and easy to operate


Security Protection

Advanced Electronic Combination Lock

Easily programmable 4-6 digit user code and 6-digit master code, audit trail with date and time of the last 100 Openings of the door

Lockout Function

After 4 consecutive wrong combination entries the safe does not allow additional combination entries for a time period

Seamless Body Design, Solid Steel Construction, Pry Resistant Door and Body

12mm Door Thickness 5mm Body Thickness - Offering durable and reliable security protection

Anti-Fish Hopper

Whatever is dropped in the deposit door can not be taken out

Heavy Duty Hinges

For extra security

Hardened Steel Plate

Protects the safe from drill attacts

Independent Relocking Device

For added security

Locking Bolts

Four 1-way live locking bolts

Bolt Down Hardware (Included)

Predrilled holes at the bottom - For extra security bolt the safe to the floor

Interior Features

Carpeted Interior Floor

Protecting valuables from scratching


Uses 4 AA batteries (Included)

Exterior Features

LED Display

For status monitoring

Emergency Override Key Lock

Used when batteries run out or when the combination is forgotten

USB Port

To be used to provide external power to the safe

Durable Powder Coat Finish

Black Color Exterior


Exterior Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth*)
68.6 cm x 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm
27" x 13.9" x 13.9"


* Depth does not include the 4.5cm/ 1.8" keypad/external hinge
and/or handle depth to the door

Interior Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
44.5 cm x 34.5 cm x 28.7 cm
17.5" x 13.6" 11.3"


44 L / 1.55 CBF

Net Weight

63.5 Kgs / 140 Lbs
(Average Product Weight)

Gross Weight

65.5 Kgs / 144.4 Lbs
(Average product weight with packaging)


2-Years Limited Warranty 

Specifications are subject to change without any further notice

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